ChestPoker takes visitor privacy seriously

As one of the leading online poker resource websites, takes its visitors' privacy seriously and does not share or distribute any information obtained on the site to third parties without the respective visitor's absolutely unmistaken consent and approval, nor do we use any of the acquired information to send contact our users without first asking the user for acceptance to do so.

ChestPoker is primarily an information site, which collects, writes and organises data from a wide variety of categories in the online poker industry, and thus rarely asks its visitors to enter any personal information on the site, with the exception of comments to our articles and reviews, or questions for an online poker site.

Why privacy is important in online poker

Most players would prefer being completely anonymous when playing poker on the internet, because one of the significant differences in online poker is that you don't sit opposite your opponents as you would at an offline tables, and thus is not able to identify or read your opponents and their behaviour in the same way. This means a lot, both for good and bad, since you won't be able to influence the table with anything but a chat and your play style (whereas with an offline table you could make certain gestures or trick your opponents with expressions etc.).

But on the positive side it always means that you will be able to stay completely anonymous across tables on different poker rooms, since your only identification will be your username. This is a rather significant factor, and also one of the main reasons a lot of people choose to play poker online more than offline, since they will be able to hop into new poker games without anyone having any idea of how you like to play and which moves you usually pull off during your games.

What it means on

As we value the privacy of our visitors and understand the implications of complete anonymity when playing online poker, we will never convey any information or data you might enter on the site to any third party, or even show that information in any element on the site without your absolute approval. This goes for any strategies you might post, reviews or comments you submit, and with all data you enter it will be clearly stated where the information will appear and how it will be used (if used at all). You will also never be asked to provide your full name or e-mail address (unless needed for newsletters or other e-mail based functionality), and will often be able to get by with just a username of your choice as your visual identification (something most of our visitors prefer to be a completely unrelated username to the one you use when playing poker at one of the poker rooms reviewed on ChestPoker).

Untracked bonus codes and registrations

One of the primary purposes of the site is to provide new and experienced online poker players with bonuses for a variety of poker sites, which automatically applies either by using one of the sign up links on or by entering one of the many exclusive referral codes (also referred to as marketing codes, bonus codes and sign up codes) during the registration process at the respective poker room. When utilising any of the bonuses offered on the site you remain completely anonymous and will not provide us with any data that might be able to identify you after you have signed up at one of the poker rooms you decide to play at through either our link or referral code.

This ensures your privacy and is a guarantee that you will never reveal any personal data to us when signing up for a poker room, and it thereby remains totally within your control and ability to do with your online poker identity as you want without risking anyone connecting your username on tables and poker tournaments across the various poker sites, which is a great bonus and allows you to adjust your play style from room to room in full confidence that you will not be identified unless you choose to do so yourself - for instance by using the same username on multiple sites, by chatting to other players or through your personal biography on your profile page (if the room has such a feature).

Privacy of bonus offerings

In addition to the bonus codes being completely anonymous in regards to tracking who you are and where you come from when signing up at a poker room, the bonuses also will not contain any personal relationship to your upcoming poker account, which means that you can easily register at any site using the appropriate bonus code and then sign up at a different site with the same personal data without any conflicts. Also, some sites do not require your card or personal data to be unique, which means that you could potentially sign up with the same address as a spouse or room mate using the same card, and where both of you utilise the same bonus code as well. Be careful though, since most poker rooms strictly forbid having multiple accounts at the same site, and even implement certain measures to prevent cheating or "ghosting" at the poker tables, most often by checking to see if two players from the same IP address should play at the same table, which is a quite common way to cheat and get ahead in the games, since you'll be able to know the hand(s) of your friend or whoever you are sharing the IP address with.

Cookies and personal data sharing

In order to optimise the site and understand how our content is read and appreciated by our visitors, we use cookies to collect and track non-personal behavioural data, that is not in any way able to identify you and is not shared with any third-parties that you have not agreed to share it with. The data is primarily used internally at ChestPoker to detect page-wise errors, such as incorrect landing pages for our visitors and broken links, but also to measure the quality of our content through bounce rates and other statistical data, so that we may learn which pieces of content require optimisation and how to better provide the information our visitors seek on the site.

All of this non-personal data is collected through the use of cookies, and allows us to understand which bonuses are most desired, and if any of our promotions seem to not be working or in other ways do not fulfil the needs of our visitors properly. The cookies can at any time be disabled in your browser, and doing so will not disable any visitor related functionality on since the collected data is only used internally for statistical purposes. By disabling cookies, or asking us not to track your behaviour on the site, you are therefore still able to view and use any of the poker bonuses listed on the site, as well as reading all of our online poker reviews and guides.

Our privacy policy does not apply for the poker rooms to which you sign up after receiving our bonus codes. Each other site, apart from, may have a different privacy policy.