Best online poker rooms (2018)

Here you will find great reviews of some of the best poker rooms to play at online today, sorted by editorial ratings of ChestPoker along with any cons and pros there might be associated with each room. As with any poker room mentioned on this site, you get exclusive bonuses which help you start your journey as a poker player with some extra cash on your bankroll.

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Each poker room listed above has been reviewed and rated by our staff at ChestPoker, and each page contains all the information needed to decide which poker room to decide to register at, based on how good their bonuses are, how well their software works, activity, table count, tournament offerings and much more.

Why choosing the right poker room matters

It does not matter whether you are new to online poker or an experienced veteran, the fact remains the same; choosing the best site for your needs and taste can mean a huge difference to your adventures as a poker player. Not just in terms of user experience and how "fun" the game itself is, but also in terms of optimising your bankroll - either by getting more out of your initial deposit (such as with a registration bonus), or simply starting out with free cash through a no-deposit promotion and actually turning that bonus into real cash for free.

It's also getting quite common for experienced players to playing poker online at different rooms. Why do this? Well, if you have a bonus at one site which works in a point based system or the number of hands you play, you might want to play there - with several games open at a time - to quickly acquire enough points to unlock the full amount of the bonus. However, other rooms may offer bonuses which work on other criteria, such as the cash you put on the table, which makes it ideal for some of your more serious and higher stakes poker games, thus giving you a great opportunity to utilise playing at several poker rooms at a time, and maximising your profit since you will be benefiting from not one, but multiple great poker bonuses.

Features and bonuses vary from each site

There are many reasons you might want to check out the various poker rooms to play at, since they are each unique in their own way and each site offer different features, criteria, withdrawal options and much more. To some, it might seem like quite a big task to figure out where to sign up and start making money by playing poker, but if you just spend a bit of time reading some reviews of the places you can register a poker account, it will usually give you a rather profound overview of the best poker rooms so you can select the one that appeals the most to you.

Some of the more practical or visual variations for the poker rooms include the way their software works (since some online poker clients might only offer their software for one operating system, most often Windows), how good the graphics are, and even whether or not you have to find your way to the tables from a sub-page which is difficult to find, or if you are able to save your favourite poker variants etc.

Other differences are - by some - considered somewhat minor details, but may still prove to be significant factors for some players and can result in changing one's experience with a poker room to being either really convenient to use, or lead to several daily frustrations that no sign-up bonus can make of for. It may be something as small as the withdrawal options, to the way you enter and find the tournaments you would like to participate in, since some rooms require you to go through their website in order to browse tables, headups and to check the buy-ins for tournaments - something that most users would likely prefer to do directly in the poker client, instead of having to keep the browser open (especially if you want to play a lot).

Finding the best poker room in 2018

As stated previously, reading about which rooms are the best and offer the most features, highest bonus maximums and table activity, can often seem like an overwhelming task. However, if you go about it in a methodical way, it won't necessarily require too much time and will end up giving you a significantly better idea of which poker room is best for you, and in some cases might even inspire you to sign up for multiple sites to give you more opportunities for optimising your profits, either through utilisation of poker bonuses or by playing where the rake is cheapest.

First of all, it is important that you determine which elements and factors matter the most to you, and what you are looking for (in terms of features and criteria) in a poker room, to find the best site for your needs. Here's a few things that might come to mind:

  • Software: does it work on your computer?
  • Deposit options and fees: even saving a few percentage of your deposit or transaction fees, could matter in the long run
  • Bonus: What's the maximum bonus you can get? And will it allow you to take full advantage of your planned first deposit?
  • Bonus type: Is it a no deposit bonus, or does it require you to make a first deposit upon sign up to apply the cash benefits and transfer the free funds to your account?

After settling on the features and factors which you believe would fulfil your desires for an online poker room to play at daily, it is time to do some research to find out which of these poker sites come closest to actually providing the experience you want. And this is where a lot of people get lost, since there is a ton of content and reviews available on the internet, and it can therefore be difficult to filter out the good reviews from the bad ones. However, don't be afraid to trust your instinct. Reading the first couple of poker reviews will quickly give you an idea of which things to look out for, and which rooms to avoid. Here on ChestPoker for instance, we have an extensive directory of pages which not only rate the individual poker sites, but also explain objectively which features they offer and how their clients and deposit methods work.