PKR Mac client released!

, by Joffrey Daniels

It has been a long time in the making, and a huge audience of previously disappointed Mac users have awaited today's announcement. Patience really pays off, because PKR Poker has just released the much anticipated online poker Mac client, which has all the same features and functionality as the windows version.

Although it has long been speculated that PKR would release a Mac compatible version of their online poker client, it is nevertheless great news, since the ever growing audience of Mac users will now be able to enjoy the innovative 3D experiences provided by PKR. And as MacOS continues to grow in market share, this move might prompt some of the PKR competitors to also make their online poker clients cross-OS compatible within too long.

What does this mean for the future of PKR?

PKR is currently one of the absolute pioneers of online poker, because they - despite not being the largest poker room - is the fastest growing online poker room in the world, mainly due to their original take on gambling online, with 3D visuals and graphics to add to the user experience. The Mac client, which has been released today, marks a big step for PKR poker in their path to reaching as many users as possible, and thereby opening up the likelihood of accelerating their massive growth, since it is not only Windows users who are now able to enjoy PKR's amazing piece of poker software.

Attracting Mac users to poker with bonus codes

Of course, many of the same marketing strategies may be applied to Mac users as Windows users, and PKR will undoubtedly continue to offer amazing bonuses to attract new players to their platform, because in the end... poker is about money, and sometimes even a great 3D experience may not be enough if the player can get an extra dime at another poker room due to a better bonus, so definitely don't expect the company to slow down on their bonus code offerings as well as adding more and more to the prize pools of their exclusive tournaments (which, as the only poker room in the world, can be experienced in a complete 3D environment).

Usually the bonus codes offered by PKR provides twice the amount of the deposit completely free of charge, which will be paid out to the user either through the rake, or by matching the amount of real money being put in play on the 3D tables. They currently offer the same bonuses to Mac users as they do to Windows users, which would of course have been a bit strange otherwise, but due to the new Mac client it means that users of Macintosh can now start their poker journey on PKR with some extra real money, by simply making a first deposit. After that, the first deposit will be matched and paid out to your bankroll as you play your usual poker. To get the most out of the poker bonus at PKR, you would need to deposit a maximum of $600, since that is the amount the poker room is currently willing to match and deposit as "extra cash" into your account.