A roller coaster for Gus Hansen's start of the year

, by chestpoker.com

New year for Gus

Last year was not a good year for Gus Hansen - not at all. Even though he finished the year very well his loosing overruled it all. He is now back online but not with success. He started this month by loosing over $300,000 at one day which is very bad start for him. He has earlier said that if he continues to play this bad he probably should look for a new job in the long run.

Gus Hansen is one of the best online players in the world, no doubt about that, but his play haven't been good the last few years. He has to improve his game if he wants to keep his position.

Gus Hansen is still going strong

Gus Hansen has have a really good start with the new year. He has once again managed to put good time in months by being one of the most successful players online now. He has proved uncannily good games here in early February, and January months, he came out with a large surplus which has actually made him one of the most winning players since the turn.

It's nice to see that the dear Dane is back on track again and that he has found the talent ahead. There has never been any doubt about how good a player he is, but he has been in a very bad streak and so it is nice to see that now he comes back this way.

Gus is still in front

According to HighstakesDB.com Gus Hansen is still on fire here in the 2011. He has shown incredible skills online and in February he won over 2 million us dollars at the online tables at full tilt poker.

That is freaking crazy, that he still manage to play so well. He is in a good period - lets hope he can keep playing that way. Maybe we will se him against Isildur1 one day. Gus Hansen started by playing with a full tilt poker referral code on full tilt poker a long time ago.