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Viktor Bloms crazy comeback

, by Joffrey Daniels

Viktor Blom had a very very crazy morning the other day. He played against Scott 'urnotindangr' Palmer and there were some crazy plays and Viktor ended up by loosing all and came down to 6000$ on the table. But then the magaical Isildur1 magic toke over a... Read more

Erik Seidel is winning AGAIN

, by ChestPoker

Now it is on again, Erik Seidel is on fire once again. He is about to win the 20 man strong tournament at Aussie Million, he was very very good in his play and ended up playing heads up against Sam Trickett and now he has won over 3 million dollars in the... Read more

Blom against Cates

, by ChestPoker

They are both some of the best poker players in the world, and they have won more money than many people earn for their whole life. Now Isildur1 aka Viktor Bloom has been saying that he thinks Cates is the best player.In their first meet Cates lost around... Read more

Isildur1 is joining pokerstars

, by ChestPoker

The popular player Isildur1 is now joining Pokerstars Pro Team. No one has had a larger effect on the online poker marked in 2010 than Isildur1. He came like a light from a clear blue sky, and took everybody with storm. He won millions and lost them again... Read more

Gus Hansen is still in front

, by ChestPoker

According to Gus Hansen is still on fire here in the 2011. He has shown incredible skills online and in feb he won over 2 million us dollars at the online tables at full tilt poker. That is freaking crazy, that he still manage to play so ... Read more

Isildur1 vs urnotindangr AGAIN

, by ChestPoker

Once again some of the two best poker players in the world right now has been playing - and not for fun. A lot of money were involved and yeah you probaly already know it. Isildur1 aka Viktor Blom and urnotindangr was in a fight again. And this time Vikto... Read more

Ziigmund vs Isildur1

, by ChestPoker

Once again showing Viktor Blom aka Isildur1 his amazing poker talent by playing out the Finnish top player Ziigmund. Ziigmund has had a really tough period for the online tables. It's actually gotten so far that the Finn has decided to put Ziigmund accoun... Read more

Isildur1 wins SuperStar Showdown

, by ChestPoker

3 in a row - thats way the statistics says right now for Isildur1 also known as Viktor Blom. Yesterday he managed to pull some a incredible game out of the blue and won over 100.000$ from Eugene 'MyRabbiFoo' Katchalov.That means Viktor Blom once again is ... Read more

Peter Eastgate is back

, by ChestPoker

Eastgate returns to Poker. He realizes that he can not afford to lose the game anymore. Also, he now realized that to play a lot of poker in 2011, which is quite amazing to follow for all us poker interested here on the sidelines. Peter Eastgate is best k... Read more

Gus Hansen is still going strong

, by ChestPoker

Gus Hansen has have a really good start with the new year. He has once again managed to put good time in months by being one of the most successful players online now. He has proved uncannily good games here in early February, and January months, he came ... Read more

Isildur1 against Daniel Cates

, by ChestPoker

Once again it was time for a big bang on the online tables as Isildur1 aka Viktor Blom met Daniel 'jungleman12' Cates in the so-called superstar showdown. Daniel 'jungleman12' Cates has been particularly flying, especially last year when he came out with ... Read more

Isildur1 won 0,000 in 3 days

, by ChestPoker

Isildur1 also known as Victor Blom has been flying at the online tables again. He has once again proved why he is one of the best players at the moment and we have to be proud of his performance. He has really shown throughout the poker world what he is m... Read more

Gus Hansen is flying

, by ChestPoker

Gus Hansen is back on the horse. He has shown really good games in January and has also come out with the biggest profits at the online tables. Also, Gus managed to keep his game steady, which was very difficult for him in 2010.It's nice to see him being ... Read more

Cates vs Blom

, by ChestPoker

Last night's duel between Daniel "jungleman12" Cates and Viktor Isildur1 "Blom, became something of a struggle. Both players have shown uncanny much profit over the last few years and has really proved themselves to be some of the world's b... Read more

Pokerstars Home Games

, by ChestPoker

Now you can start your own private poker club along with your friends. The new setup from Pokerstars - Called Home Games allows you to set up a poker club - totally free and together with your friends. Then you can play your friends at any time you want a... Read more

Aussie Millions

, by Clara Denise

Sam Trickett became the largest winner in Aussie millions at the high roller tournament. He managed to finish as number 1. The 0,000 buy-in was replaced by 1,4 million dollars in winnings and he can now have fun after the long match. Erik Seidel became... Read more

Isildur1 is ready for day 2

, by ChestPoker

PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event is going on at this moment and currently it seems to be a very good tournament for Isildur1. He is currently ready for day 2 after finishing in the top on day 1. After we've revealed Isildur1 as Viktor Blom people... Read more

New year for Gus

, by ChestPoker

Last year was not a good year for Gus Hansen - not at all. Even though he finished the year very well his loosing overruled it all. He is now back online but not with success. He started this month by loosing over 0,000 at one day which is very bad sta... Read more

Poker after dark

, by ChestPoker

Poker after dark is becoming more and more popular among poker lovers and players around the world. The show often shows how the top players are acting in live situations and how there are some humor in the game. The latest match, i think it was match num... Read more

Tony G wants revenge

, by ChestPoker

After his loss to Isildur1 in their showdown match, Tony G wants a rematch. He believes that he is qualified for it and will play on his own home court at party poker. Isildur1 has not responded on Tony G's ask for a rematch yet, but maybe we will see the... Read more

Isildur1 against Tony G

, by ChestPoker

Isildur1 won the match on Pokerstars Superstars Challenge against Tony G. With 45.000$ after they have been playing over 2.000 hands Isildur1 was the winner. The game was based on NL Holdem and Omaha Pot Limit. Maybe Isildur is back on track? We're lookin... Read more

PKR Mac client released!

, by Joffrey Daniels

It has been a long time in the making, and a huge audience of previously disappointed Mac users have awaited today's announcement. Patience really pays off, because PKR Poker has just released the much anticipated online poker Mac client, which has all th... Read more

How to play PKR poker on Mac

, by ChestPoker

You can also play at PKR with your mac now, it's actually not as difficult as you might think. The only thing it's about is to download the correct client, which can be used to configure PKR on your mac computer. Of course we have taken care to make a PKR... Read more

New website at Full Tilt Poker

, by Joffrey Daniels

As of yesterday Full Tilt Poker launched an entirely new website which features a new design with an increase in exclusivity and details. It's still the same content, although it has been rearranged to inform users of promotions in a more user-friendly ma... Read more

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