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The goal of ChestPoker is to be the best online poker site for tips on how to play, news from the industry as well as the latest and best referral codes from some of the most popular online poker rooms in the world. We're a team of experienced and enthusiastic poker players who love to write about what is going on in the online world of poker, and constantly do research in the market to make sure our visitors get the best possible bonuses to start their poker careers with.

Each staff member will regularly post news tips and guides so that you can become a better poker player, and make sure that you'll be staying in the loop of the benefits of each of the wide variety of online poker rooms that exist on the internet, as well as keep the content up-to-date (e.g. if a poker room suddenly starts accepting US registrations, or a new poker bonus gets offered with a higher maximum).

What we do and how we can help with your online poker

Playing poker online these days is not just about how good you are at the game, but also challenges your ability to do research and properly utilise and navigate the huge market of different poker bonuses, which can end up giving players a much better bankroll since their money is literally worth more, as the deposits get matched - in some cases up to more than twice the amount of your initial deposit.

This is why ChestPoker exists... we work day and night to negotiate good deals with the poker sites, and write extensive reviews of each and every room so that our visitors will never again feel lost when trying to decide where to sign up and how to improve their game, or even optimise their bankroll by getting some unique bonuses applied to their accounts.

Partnerships and contributions from other poker sites

ChestPoker is a serious online poker resource, featuring expert guides and reviews of poker rooms, bonuses, referral codes and even strategies that you can bring directly to the tables to improve your game and play. It is therefore vitally important to us that the information we provide contain valuable lessons and data for our visitors to use, which means that we regularly partner up with other sites and poker rooms in combined efforts to deliver on the promise of high quality content on the site.

We also have constant dialogues with the largest and most popular poker sites in the world, to stay up to date on their latest promotions, new features at the rooms and tables and whether or not the individual company begins to accept US players or transactions from other regions, expanding their reach and making online poker available to a larger portion of ChestPoker's audience.

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If you need guidance, advice or simply have questions related to online poker bonus, we appreciate if you would read the information on our website before you send us an e-mail. If you can't find what you are looking for, we will be more than happy to help and even update the website content, if the questions and answers you have could be of use to others as well.

In case of partner requests, please state this in the subject. We regularly establish partnerships with other poker rooms and bonus sites, so we can offer the best bonuses to our users. The site is a guide for bonus players, and does not link to other sites unless the links are relevant to the content our website contain.

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We get many requests each day, and even though we are doing our best to answer all of them as soon as we can, it can still take several days for some e-mails to get answered, depending on the pressure on your support team.